Dosha - the substance of being


What makes you, you? You’re unique, right? There’s no one else quite like you out there in the world, now or ever before. You might share the same name as someone, or even know a look-alike, but without question there’s only one of you.

You are individual. We all are individual.

But what actually makes us different from one another? In Ayurveda it all comes down to the unique combination of our Dosha, the substance of our being, dependent on three different energies that make-up of the physiological body.

In Ayurvedic medicine three energies - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - comprise the physical body and also circulate throughout it’s astonishing internal systems - governing all physiological growth and activity. Their differing proportions determine how we look, our personality and preferences, individual temperament, physical constitution and - when out of balance - a disposition toward particular physical and mental disturbances.

The three energies are based on the five great elements observed in the natural world - the primary element from which all other elements unfold is space, from space comes air, from air fire, fire to water, water to earth - from subtle to gross, from energy to substance.

The five elements combine to make:

  • Vata (space/air) Vata is cold, light, flowing, sharp, rough, dry, subtle, mobile, hard and clear.

  • Pitta (fire/water) Pitta is hot, light, flowing, sharp, smooth, wet, subtle, mobile, soft and clear.

  • Kapha (earth/water) Kapha is cold, heavy, dense, dull, rough, wet, gross, static, hard and murky.

Vata types are slim or slight, they are fast in their actions, also fast and changeable in their thought and speech, they are vibrant, dynamic, creative and quick to learn. Pitta types have a more medium frame, with natural tone and good muscle, they are focused, confident and rational in their approach to life. Kapha types generally have a more broad frame with excellent strength and stamina, they are loving, dependable, slow and steady in their actions, slow and steady also in their thought processes and speech, they have a good memory and a calm attitude in life.

Once you have an understanding of your own unique doshic constitution Ayurveda can help you to understand all aspects of your life for example what foods to favour or avoid, which exercise best suits you, how relationships affect you, what you enjoy most about life, what you are good at or not so good.

If you haven’t already, now might be a good time to take the Dosha Test.


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