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We are naturally social creatures and the relationships we have with other people have an immense impact on who we are, how we think and feel, and how we live our lives.

Ayurveda not only offers incredible insight into our own physiology and personality - but it can also offer the same when it comes to understanding other people in our lives.

Whether we are looking to deepen our relationship with a loved one, overcome problems, understand a child, get to know a parent, question the behaviour of a friend, find a suitable partner - or if we have any other relationship questions - Ayurveda can help us to understand our self, the other person and most significantly the nature of the relationship.

The process is simple, you will need to complete your own Dosha Test and use a journal to read and make a note of your results. Then you will need to take the Relationships Test below to determine the nature of the other person - and again read and record the results.

More information is then given in The Results section on how the two dosha types relate to one another, including the positives and negatives of such a relationship.