Pitta Type



the gross

Heat is the predominant characteristic of the classic Pitta type. They generally have a low tolerance if heat, hot environments, hot weather, bright sunshine and in some instances hard physical work. The normal resting body temperature of a Pitta type is higher than others. They might feel quite warm when others are chilly. Often their hands and feet will be warm, possibly sweaty.

The body shape of Pitta type is usually athletic, of medium height and build with naturally toned muscles. They are not predisposed to either putting on or losing too much weight. Their body shape and constitution is reliably strong and steady throughout their lifetime.

The digestive strength of PItta types is usually high. They generally have a need to eat regularly, every four hours, meals that are fairly substantial. It does not suit Pitta types to skip meals. Pitta are the classic type to become h’angry when hungry.

Pitta eyes are often sharp, piercing and bright. Their skin is often ruddy, moles and freckles common, certianly a warmth and slight oiliness to the skin. Teeth are usually sharp, sometimes with a slight yellowish hue. Premature greying and hair loss (for males) are more likely to be experienced by the predominant Pitta type.

Pitta’s sleep is relatively undisturbed, sound and of medium duration. Dreams may be colourful and vivid.

Body Clock - PItta times of the day are 10am to 2pm and 10pm to 2am. Pitta season is summer time. Pitta phase of life is considered to be mid-life.


the subtle

Pitta types are natural leaders, shining their inner brightness and strong influential glow upon those around them. They are often wise and brilliant but can also be controlling and veer towards a more dominating personality. The sharp quality in their personality may mean they have a tendency to compare, criticise and compete with others, keen to have their own talents recognised while failing to acknowledge the less domineering qualities in others.

Pitta individuals readily demonstrate intelligence and an alert mind with accurate levels of comprehension and deep levels of concentration. Their intellects are perfectly enthused and deeply penetrating. They offer good investigative skills and often show passion for the sciences and mathematics. Their discerning minds are often at work learning, researching, organising and problem solving. However Pitta types must pay close attention to their motivations and resist urges of perfectionism.

Timetables, diaries, designated places for keeping belongings in order are all important tools for the Pitta mind. They are good planners and are usually highly disciplined although their enthusiasm can often turn into being overly ambitious.

Pitta types are most likely to suffer from aggravation, frustration and anger. They can be overly concerned with material prosperity, wealth, mental and/or professional success and living ‘the perfect life’ - often driven by a deep seated fear of failure. This may make them manipulative or simply more concerned with more business-type relationships than the simple pleasures of friendship and unconditional love.


the causal

Spiritual practice is deeply important for Pitta types. It is cooling to their nature, soothing to their heart and mind. Spirituality encourages compassion and patience in the Pitta individual and curbs their desire to fight their way to the top - actions that are often taken to the detriment of themselves and those around them.

Pitta types may have a tendency to get caught up with the intellectual study of spirituality or philosophy, creating a type of mental or spiritual superiority due to their comprehensive understanding. Howeveran earnest practical approach to spiritually led personal developments is much more important for the typical Pitta individual.

The Attributes of Pitta Individuals - by Dr David Frawley:

Hot - Good digestive fire, strong appetite, body temperature tends to be higher than normal, hates heat, grey hair with receding hairline or baldness, soft brown hair

Sharp - Sharp teeth, distinct eyes, pointed nose, tapering chin, heart-shaped face, good absorption and digestion, sharp memory and understanding, irritable

Light - Light/medium body frame, does not tolerate bright light, fair shiny skin, bright eyes

Oily - Soft oily skin, hair, feces, does not like fried food (which may cause headache)

Liquid - Loose liquid stools, soft delicate muscles, excess urine, sweat and thirst

Spreading - Pitta spreads as rash, acne, inflammation all over the body or on affected areas, pitta subjects want to spread their name and fame all over the country

Sour - Sour acid stomach, acidic pH, sensitive teeth, excessive salivation

Bitter - Bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, vomiting, repulsion toward bitter taste, cynical

Pungent - Heartburn, burning sensations in general, strong feelings of anger and hate

Fleshy smell - Fetid smell under armpits, mouth, soles of feet, socks smell

Red - Red flushed skin, eyes, cheeks and nose, red colour aggravates pitta

Yellow - Yellow eyes, skin, urine and feces, may lead to jaundice, overproduction of bile, yellow colour increases pitta


General Advice for Pitta Types:

Avoid midday sun, too much heat, hot and/or steamy environments, avoid excessive use of oil internally or externally, limit heating foods and beverages such as salt, alcohol, too much spices, favour cooling non-spicy foods, exercise during cooler times of day, use spiritual practice to sooth the mind, practice self-awareness around others.