My Bay

a place to practice

My own bay is alongside the bed for ease of access! I find this supports the practices I enjoy upon waking and before sleep. It’s a little bigger than my Yoga mat. I have a storage box for my favourite supporting items including my yoga mat, a blanket, a bolster, my feet-up, massage oils, meditation support, sounds, music, candles and other scents too.

I also have a gratitude shelf on the wall above my designated space where I place things that are important to me, they may have been a gift or symbolise a relationship or part of my life, some represent an obstacle in my life, others are a kind of offering. Some items come and go, others - like my Goddess Lakshmi - figurine always stay.

It’s a private and personal space just for me but hopefully by sharing the ideas that support my sacred space it will help and inspire you to create your own - one that is meaningful to you.

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