Life Purpose

Dharma - our true potential


The word Dharma comes with different meanings. Here we are exploring how it refers to a divine calling within us and an understanding of who we are as individuals - a fragment or expression of a greater consciousness - with unique talents to offer the world.

Dharma is often referred to as your life purpose. Your true life purpose can be discovered by reflecting on and following what satisfies the intelligence of your heart, and listening carefully to your deepest inner feelings.

By creating an inner stillness we can listen - from the silence within come the answers to questions like Who am I? and What is my purpose in life? What talents do I hold within? How might my gifts serve others? What is my path in life?

When we silently question and listen, without preconceptions or judgement to whatever answers arise, we are able to begin to identify our talents, what’s important to us and from there understand and fulfil our individual Dharma.


Four key principals to get you started with Ayurveda: the Body, the Mind, Inner Fire, Life Purpose