Kapha Type



the gross

Kapha types generally feel the cold. They have a very low tolerance of damp environments and cold/wet weather. This type of outdoor weather effects their physical and emotional health often making them want to retreat indoors to the warmth and comfort of their own home.

The body shape of Kapha types is strong and muscular with dense bones. They are predisposed to holding weight. Losing weight is harder for Kapha types. Their body is strong dependable and their constitution is heavy and slow so less food is required and more exercise. Kapha types benefit from a lighter diet and regular fasting. Kapha bodies demonstrate good levels of endurance.

Kapha eyes are usually large, soft and attractive. Their skin is usually admirable, oily and lustrous. Teeth are usually large and strong with good whiteness. Hair is thick, body hair can be plentiful.

Kapha’s sleep is deep, heavy and sound. Dreams may be romantic.

Body Clock - Kapha times of the day are 6am to 10am and 6pm to 10pm. Kapha season is winter time. Kapha phase of life is related to childhood.


the subtle

Kapha types are alluring and popular offering wonderful friendship, support and care to those around them. They tend to be naturally very dependable and considerate individuals with fantastic ability to empathise, care for others and use their talents for the greater good of those around them and indeed the world. They enjoy the comfort of community and the stability of home life.

Kapha types have good knowledge as they have a great capacity for studying and memorising. They work well in groups and enjoy sharing. Kapha types are often understated, uncomplicated and non-needy. They are emotionally steady and thoughtful. Kapha types think, speak and even move at a slower, steadier pace than others. Kapha types show great stamina for their endeavours often coming out on top through their ability to persevere, think tortoise from ‘the tortoise and the hare’ fable!

However Kapha types can become weighed down more easily if they take on too much. They can easily become over burdened and as a result more sluggish in life. Kapha types must be watchful of their diet and exercise regime, keeping active will keep them alert and avoid any tendencies towards laziness, lethargy or at worst apathy.

Kapha types are most likely to suffer from stubbornness, possessiveness and greed. Kapha types can be very reluctant to change, sometimes avoiding change at all costs. This hold them back in their life and keep them from embracing new opportunities. Kapha types are deeply loving and loyal but must be careful to not be taken advantage of emotionally, giving too much can be detrimental to their own path in life.


the causal

Spiritual practice comes naturally to Kapha types. It is soothing to their nature adding to the calmness that already exists within their heart and mind. Spirituality encourages liveliness and enthusiasm in Kapha individuals giving them a much needed zest for life and living with a purpose - to help those less fortunate.

Spiritual practice is a great way for Kapha types to express their natural inclination toward love and compassion.

The Attributes of Kapha Individuals - by Dr David Frawley:

Heavy - Heavy bones, muscles, large body frame, tends to be overweight, grounded, deep heavy voice

Slow - Slow walk, talk, slow digestion, metabolism, sluggish gestures

Cool - Cold clammy skin, steady appetite and thirst with slow metabolism and digestion, repeated cold, congestion and cough, desire for sweets

Oily - Oily skin, hair, feces, lubricated, unctuous joints and other organs

Damp - Congestion in the chest, sinuses, throat and head

Smooth - Smooth skin, gentle calm nature, smoothness of organs

Dense - Dense pad of fat, thick skin, hair, nails and feces, plump rounded organs

Soft - soft pleasing look, love, care, compassion, kindness

Static - Loves sitting, sleeping and doing nothing

Viscous - Viscous, sticky, cohesive quality causes compactness, firmness of joints and organs, loves to hug, is deeply attached in love and relationships

Cloudy - In early morning mind is cloudy and foggy, often needs coffee as a stimulant to start the day

Sweet - The anabolic action of sweet taste stimulates sperm formation, increasing quality of semen, strong desire for sex and procreation, abnormal function may cause craving for sweets

Salty - Helps digestion and growth, gives energy, maintains osmotic condition, abnormal function may create craving for salt, water retention


General Advice for Kapha Types:

Keep active and motivated. Avoid overeating heavy food like wheat, dairy and overly sugary foods. Try not to allow life to become stagnant. If necessary travel to break up any stagnation and occasionally choose to change aspects of life to force out of comfort zone.