Agni the Inner Fire


Doesn’t it feel great to glow?

Why do some of us glow more than others? How is it we can feel radiant one day but dull the next?

There’s no doubt about it, the source of our radiance comes from within us and this is a well known concept in Ayurveda called Agni - meaning ‘inner fire’. It is our Agni that is responsible for all metabolic processes of transformation that take place in the body and mind.

The concept of Agni is crucial for understanding and improving our health. When Agni weakens we lose our ability to ‘digest’ either food, or thoughts and emotions efficiently. Anything that remains undigested in either the body or the mind threatens our health.

The Attributes of Agni

Agni has its own attributes that are well worth contemplating - Agni offers a sharp, hot, light, luminous, clear, penetrating, spreading and subtle influence within the body.

The Attribute of Ama

Ama refers to that which remains in the body undigested.

Ama comes in many different forms but can be best understood in terms of its attributes. They are cold, dull, heavy, oily/viscous, gross, sticky/slimy, stagnant, foul smelling.

By supporting Agni within the body and mind we can burn up unwanted Ama substances and clear our system. When we do this we can visibly see the difference, as our radiance returns.


Four key principals to get you started with Ayurveda: Body, Mind, Inner Fire, Life Purpose