Inner Bay




Bay is an acronym for Bath Ayurveda & Yoga - but it’s also the word I like to use to describe a sacred space designated to self-understanding where our Inner Bay and Outer Bay work together to deepen our understanding and experience of life.

Inner Bay

Imagine for a moment, an awareness deep within your heart. A deep inner dwelling that connects your mind, body and soul to a vast consciousness far beyond our normal experience of life. A place inside that feels calm, present, aware, uplifted and whole.

This is the place we move toward with the help of Ayurveda and Yoga, our own unique inner stillness, our unique inner bay.

Outer Bay

The purpose of an outer bay is to create a holding space for self-understanding, a place to deepen our attention and understanding of our Self, our life and the world around us.

A place - for example - for relaxation, silence, stillness, setting intentions, writing or reading, self-massage, the practice of Yoga asana, mantra and meditation.

Creating Space for Yourself

Perhaps you have your own allocated space - or Bay - at home. If not, it’s easy to create one. You can do this in whatever way you like with whatever supporting items you feel will support you. To give you an idea take a look at My Bay, here in my home.