Get Started

Four Key Principals

Body, Mind, Inner Fire & Life Purpose

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with Ayurveda - if you miss out on some of the basics it’s harder to access and apply all the good stuff. I suggest starting with four simple key principals to get started:

  1. Dosha and the body
    Dosha is a system for understanding the body - both our physiology and personality - based on the qualities of nature. It’s an accurate categorisation of what makes you a unique individual - it’s very self indulgent as it’s all about you!

  2. Guna and the mind
    Guna offers a deeper understanding of how three different aspects of nature - brightness, agitation and dullness - affect and condition our mind. Ayurveda teaches us how to achieve the good one!

  3. Agni the inner fire
    My favourite key principal is Agni - the inner fire. Agni places emphasises the necessity of complete digestion for optimum physical and mental health - so whether that’s digesting food into energy or impressions, feelings, thoughts and experiences into knowledge - the quality of our inner fire relates directly to the quality of our life.

  4. Dharma and life purpose
    Dharma can be interpreted as our ‘life purpose’ and explores the talents, life-goals, ambitions and obstacles related to our unique individual nature.


Four key principals to get you started with Ayurveda: Body, Mind, Inner Fire, Life Purpose