Get Started

Key Principals

Body, Mind, Inner Fire & Life Purpose


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with Ayurveda - if you miss out on some of the basic key principals it’s almost impossible to access and apply all the good stuff.

I suggest starting with four simple key principals to get started:

  1. Dosha and the body
    Dosha is a system for understanding the body, our physiology and personality combined. It’s incredibly accurate interpretation of who you are - yes, it’s all about you! Each unique person is understood in relation to the five great elements (earth, air, fire, water and earth).

  2. Guna and the mind
    Ayurveda offers a unique and comprehensive understanding of the mind and how it works.. The mind is identifies as separate from our inner Self, an organ in its own right that suffers disturbance and disease if not properly maintained. Ayurveda offers extensive details on how to create positive mind health using techniques that can help to transform and uplift our lives.

  3. Agni and the inner fire
    My favourite key principal is Agni - the inner fire. The inner fire concept relates to the power of change - whether that’s digesting food into energy, impressions, thoughts or experiences into knowledge or transforming lethargy into will power - our inner fire is the force of necessary change that supports our everyday living.

  4. Dharma and life purpose
    Dharma is often referred to as your life purpose. Your true life purpose can be discovered by reflecting on and following what satisfies the intelligence of your heart, and listening carefully to your deepest inner feelings.


Four key principals to get you started with Ayurveda: the Body, the Mind, Inner Fire, Life Purpose