Discovering you!


Do you ever look in the mirror and ask yourself Who am I? There usually comes a point in everyone’s life when this question comes up.

Our first step toward Ayurveda begins when we take the time and space needed to ask ourselves - and begin to answer - that one simple question - who am I?

Slowly but surely we uncover our true identity, our inner nature, our secret desires and purpose in life, addressing perhaps for the first time in a long time, or even the first time ever, questions like: What is life and what am I doing here? What am I like? What makes me different? What’s my style? Is there a purpose to life? What’s important to me? What’s my purpose?

Ayurveda sees each and every one of us as different. Our uniqueness stems from our make-up, a combination of factors that influence and affect our body, our mind, our will-power and the deep inner workings of our soul - creating just one of us.

The four questionnaires on my website relate to the four key principals outlined in Get Started.

Here’s an outline of the four tests:

  1. Dosha Test - discover your physiology, personality and your psychological make-up

  2. Guna - discover the quality and condition of your mind

  3. Agni - discover the quality, strength and consistency of your inner fire

  4. Dharma - discover your deepest talents and how best to use them