About Bay


My work here on my website - and in person - is all about Self-Discovery.

My aim is to support you in discovering your true nature and learning what’s best for you - whether that’s diet and exercise for your body type, a positive lifestyle, healthy relationships, vibrant health, clarity of mind or exploring your talents - the answers can be found with the help of Ayurveda.

If you know a bit about Ayurveda you might feel ready to take the Dosha Test. This is one of the first ways we can begin to understand ourselves in relation to Ayurveda. Alternatively you can start by reading a bit more about What is Ayurveda? and progress from there.

Ayurveda can be overwhelming, there’s a lot to learn, so I’ve honed into four key principals of Ayurveda to help you to Get Started, each principal taking us deeper inwards.

There are different Questionnaires too - to help take you deeper into the process of Self-Discovery.

If you are local to Bath in the UK, I offer 1:1 and group consultations, please contact me.